Aluminum Casting

4 & 5 Axis Machining

Superior Machinings' capabilities allow us to accommodate your requirements for short runs or volume runs. Our expertise ranges from small complex precision components to large fixtures and test devices. We can offer machining solutions for aluminum, alloy, stainless, plastic, nylon and an array of many other materials.

Aluminum Casting

Industries Served


From product intent development to pre-production we are well adversed in manufacturing quality automotive components for hydraulic and electric steering systems, fuel transport and injection systems, transmission & powertrain components, gearing, pump housings, and electrical power generative components.


Our flexible capabilities support manufacturing of robot cell components used in robot calibrations and measurement accuracy, such as 3D measuring devices, measuring beams, encoders and mechanical details in robotics components.


We have formed successful partnerships with our customers to manufacture ball bar kits to fit CMM�s used in metrology solutions for manufacturing, aerospace and automotive industries, laser head support assemblies. drive rollers, drive bars, optic holders and CMM component holding fixtures.


Between jet engines and landing components our unparalleled experience and skilled machinists allow us to provide solutions to your challenges. We can provide components for the market ranging from concept to reality such as fittings, swirlers, and fueling components.


Our high precision machining solutions successfully provide products for gauging, detailing and testing. We have provided test coupons, alignment blocks, friction welding tooling, vibration test fixtures, environmental test components, impact and crash testing fixtures, and pressure and leak test components to several of our clients who are testing various products for diverse applications.